Aunt Attica

Written in reply to Ailsa’s post

Once Upon – on FB
A perfect little piece of magic by ~ Lori Preush…. Can you tell me the story

I was walking over thePolar and Zazi ice field this morning and found a piece of parchment. Now I am a clever polar bear as polar bears go, but I have never mastered the art of reading words. I can read stars and seas, the Once Upon snow and ice, but not words. Luckily I have a wonderful little friend who visits me. She has a wise old soul for a human cub. Her name is Ailsa and she calls me Aunt Attica. I knew she’d understand the words and I knew exactly where to find her this particular morning. She’d be by the seal pool waiting for them to come and say hello.

I gave her the parchment and she told me it was a treasure map. She jumped on my back and clung with her small hands to my back and off we went.

Little Ailsa kept stopping me so she could look at the map. “We need to go towards the sun”. Then “Turn right Aunt Attica.” It didn’t take us long to get to the Small sea. I am a good swimmer and it wouldn’t take long to cross, but with the cub on my back, I was reluctant to jump in.

We need to cross the Small Sea, cub?”

Yes Aunt Attica. We need to go to where the penguins play.”

You will swim?”

No aunty. You forget I have my magic hat on. I can stay on your back and won’t get wet.”

Looking into her little face, pinched red by the air and her sparkling blue eyes and I knew she was going to be fine riding on my back as we crossed the Small Sea.

Hold tight, little one.” With that I jumped into the Small Sea and headed as fast as I could to the opposite bank


4 thoughts on “Aunt Attica

  1. Thank you. Did you read the start of the story from Ailsa’s POV? It’s been fun starting this and I’ve never considered children’s fiction, but who knows? Never say never and all that!

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